Start Times

Suggested Start Times

Riders should be back at the start site by 4:30 pm. For the longer rides, that means starting early and maintaining the suggested pace.

RouteArrow ColorSuggested
Start Time
Latest time
to Start
125 Mile*Yellow After Mile 31.416+ mph7:15am8:00am
100 MileYellow14+ mph7:15am8:00am
62 MileGreen13+ mph8:00am9:00am
50 MileRed11+ mph8:30am10:30am
25 MileOrange11 -13 mph 8 -11 mph9:00am 9:15am 
12 MileWhite8+ mph9:30am 

Note about 125 mile route

Riders should check their time and pace at the Denville Rest stop. You must be on our way back to Campgaw by 2:00pm. Otherwise, you risk not having any support at the Pompton Lakes (Hersfield Park) rest stop or getting back to Campgaw before support is closed.