Start Times

Suggested Start Times

Riders should be back at the start site by 4:30 pm. For the longer rides, that means starting early and maintaining the suggested pace.

Start Time
Latest time
to Start
125 Mile16+ mph7:15am8:00am
100 Mile14+ mph7:15am8:00am
62 Mile13+ mph8:00am9:00am
50 Mile11+ mph8:30am10:30am
25 Mile11 -13 mph
8 -11 mph
12 Mile8+ mph9:30am 

Notes about 100 and 125 mile routes

  • The 100 and 125 mile routes both go to the Denville rest stop. The 125 mile route continues for another 20 miles to return to the Denville rest stop for a second time.
  • You turn right out of the Denville rest stop to return to Campgaw. You turn left to do the extra 20 mile loop on the 125 mile route.
  • Whether you are doing 100 or 125 miles, you must leave the Denville rest stop before 2:00pm to return to Campgaw. Otherwise, you risk not having any support at the Pompton Lakes (Hersfield Park) rest stop or getting back to Campgaw before closing.
  • For the 125 mile route, before doing the extra 20 mile loop, check the time and your pace to be sure to be able to leave Denville (the second time) by 2:00pm! Don’t do the extra loop if it seems you won’t have enough time!