E-Bikes may be used on BTCNJ‘s Ramapo Rally provided the bicycle and rider comply with all of the conditions set forth in this notice, both prior to and during BTCNJ’s Ramapo Rally (the “Rally”).


  • Only Class 1 and Class 3 E-Bikes may be used at the Rally. This means, among other things, that the electric motor provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, that assistance ceases when the E-bike reaches 20mph for Class 1 or 25mph for Class 3 (regardless of the cyclist’s weight), the cyclist stops pedaling, or the E-bike comes to a stop.
  • E-Bike must not have any throttle.
  • The motor provides assistance only while the rider is pedaling.
  • E-Bike must have fully operable crank-set and pedals, a single electric motor and that motor is less than 750 watts (1 hp).
  • It is not visibly apparent that electric motor and drive train related components have been tampered with.  
  • The E-Bike is otherwise in good condition.
  • If a spare battery is carried by the rider or affixed upon the bicycle, it must be securely attached.
  • The E-Bike cyclist must comply with all BTCNJ and event safe-riding practices. 
  • The rider complies with all laws and regulations applicable to E-Bikes for the state(s) in which the event is taking place.