GPS Files

The buttons link to pages on Ride With GPS (RWGPS) where you can download the file for your GPS device. (The button color matches the color of the cue sheet.)

Note about GPS Routes

Due to changes in road conditions, road construction, or closures, etc., last-minute changes may need to be made to routes. Make sure that you have the latest cue sheets and GPS files.


  • There are no facilities at the Rally for downloading the files to your Garmin unit. You must download the routes to your Garmin unit prior to getting to the Rally.
  • If you are not a BTCNJ member, using the Ride with GPS app for navigation on your phone requires having a paid RWGPS account.
  • BTCNJ members who have a free RWGPS account and are registered on BTCNJ’s RWGPS Club Account can use the RWGPS app and get voice turn-by-turn navigation.