The Ramapo Rally offers six different rides/routes

The rides range from family-friendly routes of 12 and 25 miles to challenging 100 and 125 mile routes.

All routes are designed to be both safe, scenic, and enjoyable no matter what route you decide to ride. All routes (except for the first part of the 125 mile) are marked with arrows and signs. And we also provide cuesheets and GPS files.

Most of the rally routes overlap each other.  No matter what route you are riding you will follow the Yellow Arrows.  At the turns we use a 3 arrow set to indicate the change in direction.  There will be one arrow approximately 100 feet before the turn, one arrow at the turn and then a conformation arrow after the turn to indicate that you are still on course.  When there is an intersection where a route goes in different direction from the other routes there will be another 3-Yellow Arrow set. This arrow set will also be yellow but will also have the route mileage number with it written in yellow

On the 12 mile and 25 mile routes, you can choose to “follow a leader“. The 125, 100, 62, and 50 mile routes have BTCNJ marshals riding the routes providing assistance.

If you prefer other mileage options, customize your route with the route shortcuts.

Route Descriptions

These colors refer to the color of the cue sheets. All Road Arrows are Yellow See Understanding Road Arrows

Longer routes

Longer rides are important milestones for many riders.

Organized events, like the Ramapo Rally, make these long rides easier to do because you don’t have to worry about finding your way or getting food. Of course, the Rally isn’t all about the longer rides: we pride ourselves on providing safe, fun, and exciting rides for riders of all abilities.

The 100 mile ride is also called a “century” or an “imperial century“. The 62 mile ride is called a “metric century” because it is 100 kilometers. The 125 mile route is called a “double metric century“ because it is 200 kilometers.

The “Double Metric” is a hilly, challenging ride for experienced and skilled cyclists able to ride at an average of 16mph or more. No arrows before mile 31.4. After mile 31.4, this route follows the 100 mile route (which has yellow arrows).


All rest stops provide food, hydration, and bike mechanical support.

12 Mile

A ride on quiet streets with rolling hills. This is ideal for families with small children. (You can ride on your own or follow a leader.)

Rolling to Flat terrain with 502 feet elevation gain and a maximum grade of 3.1%.

Rest stop: 1 stop at 6mi.

25 Mile

A rolling ride that mostly covers quiet neighborhood streets from Mahwah to Franklin Lakes. (You can ride on your own or follow a leader.)

Rolling to Moderate Hilly with 1188 ft elevation gain and a maximum grade of 5.3%.

Rest stop: 1 stop at 9mi.

50 Mile

Rolling ride through mostly-suburban streets.

Rolling terrain with 1806 feet elevation gain and a maximum grade of 6.4%.

Rest stops: 3 stops at 9mi, 24mi, and 41mi.

62 Mile

The “Metric Century” (100 kilometers) is a moderately-hilly ride through Denville, Kinnelon, Boonton, and Montville.

Rolling to Moderately-Hilly terrain with 2620 feet elevation gain and a maximum grade of 6.9%.

Rest stops: 3 stops at 20mi, 32mi, and 54mi.

100 Mile

The “Imperial Century” is a hilly and challenging ride. Please, do not make this your first century ride.

Hilly to Moderately-Hilly terrain with 5080 feet elevation gain and a maximum grade of 8.5%.

Rest stops: 4 stops at 26mi, 47mi, 67mi, and 88mi.

125 Mile (Yellow Arrows after mile 31.4)

Hilly to Moderately-Hilly terrain with 6593 feet of elevation gain and a maximum grade of 10.9%.

Rest stops: 5 stops at 30mi, 52mi, 73mi, 93mi, and 115mi.

Note about 125 mile route

The first 31.4 miles of the 125 mile route will not have any road arrows or signs. After the first rest stop at mile 31.4, the 125 mile route will meet up and follow the 100 mile route.

Links for GPS Users

The links below (the colored buttons) will provide you with the route’s Ride With GPS (RWGPS) information. The RWGPS information will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to the Ramapo Rally. Since there may be last minute changes to the routes due to road construction or closures, we suggest that you do not download the GPS files until a few days before the rally.

For information on how to download and install the files to your Garmin unit or how to use the Ride with GPS mobile app, visit the Ride with GPS Help page.

Links to RWGPS routes

These colors refer to the color of the cue sheets. All Road Arrows are Yellow. See Understanding Road Arrows

Note about GPS Routes

Due to changes in road conditions, road construction, or closures, etc, last-minute changes may be needed to some of the routes. Make sure that you have the latest cue sheets and GPS files.


  • There are no facilities at the rally for uploading the files to your Garmin unit. You must download the routes to your Garmin unit prior to getting to the rally.     
  • To use the Ride with GPS app on your smart device, you must have already signed up for a Basic or Premium account or be a BTCNJ member.
  • BTCNJ members who are registered on BTCNJ’s Club RWGPS Account can use the RWGPS app free for voice turn by turn navigation.

Follow a Leader

The 12 and 25 mile routes (only) will have official BTCNJ Ride Leaders. The groups will leave from the upper parking lot area at the times listed below. When you check in, you can get further information about when and where these groups will be leaving. Be sure to get there at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

  • If you are unsure about looking for arrows or using a cuesheet, we suggest riding with a group and following the leader.
  • The 50, 62, and 100 mile routes will have BTCNJ marshals riding the routes and assisting participants, but there are no lead rides.
  • Participants may ride alongside BTCNJ marshals, but riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace and manage rest stop times at their preference.
9:00am25 MileYellow11 – 13 mph
9:15am25 MileYellow8 – 11 mph
9:30am12 MileYellow8 – 11 mph
Start times for lead rides