COVID Guidelines

Like a moving target, New Jersey’s COVID guidelines are continually changing. Below are the current Ramapo Rally COVID guidelines. As New Jersey’s guidelines change, the Ramapo Rally Guidelines will be updated. Check back just prior to the Rally to find out what the current Ramapo Rally COVID guidelines are.

BTCNJ’s Ramapo Rally follows New Jersey’s COVID guidelines. Although New Jersey’s present guidelines no longer require wearing a face mask indoors, everyone participating in the Ramapo is requested to bring a face mask.

We are aware of differing attitudes to COVID precautions now that most mandates have been lifted. Please be respectful of each other, including if volunteers request that you wear a mask when in close proximity to them. We encourage everyone to wear a face mask inside except while eating.

Guidlines – For the safety and respect of others

  • Please bring a face mask/s with you.
  • Please wear a face mask inside except while eating.
  • If you are unvaccinated, please wear a face covering in all public spaces – especially indoors.
  • Face masks are not required at outdoor settings, while riding or while eating
  • While waiting on any lines, such as registration, food, restroom facilities, etc., please wear a face mask and maintain 6 foot social distancing.
  • Due to the close proximity while in a SAG vehicle, you must wear a face mask.