The Official Zwift Riding Season is from December 1st to March 31st.

Come join your fellow club members and ride group rides on Zwift. Zwift is an interactive cycling app used by riders all over the world to train indoors.

Sign onto to learn how to connect your smart trainer to the cycling app. You should down load the Zwift and Zwift companion apps. Once you have down loaded both apps, set up a Zwift account. Then follow the Zwifter X BTCNJ (there is a space in between the X and BTCNJ) on the Zwift companion app. The ride leaders will invite you to the meetup ride. Ride leaders will also post the rides on the BTCNJ website when meetup rides will occur. To sign up for a ride, you must accept the invitation in Zwift companion.  You can also accept the invitation on Zwift. Its just a little harder to find. An unlimited number of riders can join the fun. You should also sign up for the ride on BTCNJ’s web site.

Riders of all abilities can ride together without being dropped as the game will keep the group together. You can train as hard as you like.  Leaders will choose a route from Zwift’s many worlds.

To Join the ride – sign into Zwift. At approximately 15 min before the ride starts you will see a Blue Banner at the bottom left side of the screen asking if you want to “Join Meetup” Tap it and you will be taken to the start of the ride and placed at the side of the rode where you can warm up your legs. At the time of the ride all rider will be moved out into the roadway. You have to continue peddling otherwise you maybe dropped from the group. As long as you are peddling you will remain with the group. If you join the meetup after the start time, depending on how late you are, you will be dropped off where the group is on the route. Make sure that you are peddling fast otherwise you will be dropped.

So beat the indoor training blahs and ride with BTCNJ on Zwift.

Getting a BTCNJ Kit on Zwift

  • You need to play the game on a PC or Mac computer.
  • Launch the game.
  • Press the P key
  • Enter the promotion code:   gobtcnj

X BTCNJ will be active throughout the year and can be used to create virtual group rides. BTCNJ‘s website can also be used to post your ride. However, NO Leader Points will be given for Zwift rides outside of the Zwift Riding Season.