BTCNJ’s RideSmart training will help you improve your safety and confidence in riding on the roads in our area, both individually and in groups. Improve your bicycle handling techniques and riding abilities. The course consists of two evening classroom sessions and four on-road sessions. 

Classroom Sessions

Class 1 DocumentPreparing to Ride; Bike Handling Techniques; Safe Riding in the Streets; Hazards; Crashes and How to Avoid Them; Riding in Rain or Low Light Conditions.
Class 2 DocumentGroup Riding Preparation, Mindset, and Techniques.

On-road Sessions

How to read a cue sheet
What to Wear


Classification RideFlat, One Hill
18 Mile RideMostly Flat, One Hill
24 Mile RideRolling, One Hill
30 Mile RideRolling, One Hill
33 Mile Ride – HillierFlat with a couple of hills
34 Mile RideMostly Flat, One Hill
40 Mile RideRolling, couple of hills
50 Mile RideFlat to rolling, One Hill

How to print cue sheets

You can click on the Link for the ride and use the More menu at the upper right to print-out the cue sheet.

Saturday June 19th Routes
29 Mile Route
13 Mile Route
23 Mile Route