By Chuck Solomon

At the October membership meeting we recognized Jack and Rita Carren for their contributions to the club. Jack and Rita started cycling as a means to help Jack keep off the weight he had lost. Before joining the club they mostly rode trails until they saw an article in the Bergen Record about a BTCNJ club ride to the Amish Country.

They decided to join BTCNJ and have frequented many club rides since then.

They say about the club, “We have never met a nicer group of people and we were welcomed from the start.” They also believe “volunteer- ing is an important part of the club.”

Their contributions are many: they have provided refreshments for both the September and October meetings. They helped at the aide station BTCNJ set up for the GrandFondo NY.

They also assisted at the club picnic and helped organize the Ramapo Rally volunteer party.

And Jack provided support at the Rally itself from Friday through Monday. He helped paint lines, moved gear to and from the storage facility and found time to cheer participants at the finish.

Thank you, Jack and Rita, for your many contributions to our club. And by the way; Jack has kept off the weight he lost!