Ever wanted to ride with different clubs, meet new cyclists, or try a different route? On June 24, you will have the opportunity. We are planning a Joint Ride with the New York Cycle Club (NYCC)  and the Westchester Cycle Club (WCC).

The starting point will be Ross Dock. NYCC has volunteered to supply the routes since this is as much their backyard as ours. We are planning a 70 mile route with 4500 feet of elevation, a 60 mile route with 3300 feet of elevation, and a 49 mile route with 1800 feet of elevation. On the 49 miler, we are working on a cutoff if you just want to ride 40 miles.

Depending on the route, there will be different stops on the way, but the main stop for everyone to gather will be at the DeWint House on Livingston Ave, Tappan, NY. I will be putting up the proposed routes on the schedule soon, so please keep an eye out for them. We are in need of Leaders for A through C*, at least 2 per category but prefer 4. Please contact Keith Schlanger if you are interested.