News and Tips For Ride Leaders and Members

By Andres Tiribocchi

Ride  Cancellations

Ride Leaders have two options to cancel a ride:

1. On  the ride schedule, click  on the “Delete.” That will make the ride Leaderless automatically, and the description will have a link reading “Lead it!” Your name will no longer appear as Leader of the ride, and any other member can pick the ride up and get the points after completing it.

2. On  the ride schedule, click  the “Edit” link. You should change the ride description and announce the cancellation and the reasons. In addition, you should send a quick message to all the signed members about the cancellation (or any other change on the ride). To send a message, click  the “sign up for this ride” link on the ride schedule that allows you to see all the signed members, and use the link “E-mail all signed up riders” at the bottom of the page.

When a ride is cancelled due to weather (rain, snow, excessive heat or cold, etc.), the Leaders get the points for the ride only when they follow this second option. If a Leader deletes the ride and makes it Leaderless, he/she will not get points.

E-mailing all signed members

Ride Leaders should use this feature to communicate any change on their scheduled rides; by only editing the ride description, there is a risk  of signed members missing the announcement. The message function has been modified recently, and now, when you send an e-mail to all the signed riders the Subject will also include the ride title and the name of the Leader. Be aware that the Leader and Co leader of the ride will not get the e-mails sent using this feature; therefore, if you are the Leader or co-Leader of the ride and want to verify that all signed members receive the message, you need to also sign up for the ride.

Completing rides

Ride Leaders are strongly encouraged to complete their rides. Once the ride is finished, you may do that by clicking the “Edit” link on your ride and filling a few pieces of in- formation. You can access  past rides through the ride schedule or the “My Rides” link from the Ride Leader Functions menu. There you will have the chance of changing the status of your ride (completed, rained out, etc.) and include some stats (average speed, elevation, number of riders). Even though this is not mandatory to get the points for the ride, it enriches the statistical information about each Ride Leader that members can access.

BTCNJ keeps welcoming new members each season, and one of the frequent questions they have is about which ride to choose from the schedule. The Leader Stats are a valuable tool for them to find a ride that matches their pace, skills,  and expectations.

Accident Reports

Ride Leaders must notify a Board member about any accident that happens on their rides independently of the gravity of the injuries. Quite often, members suffering an accident are able to continue riding,  and later feel the consequences of it. When an accident happens, we must follow a procedure and fill a report for insurance purposes; in case of questions, please contact [email protected]

Member profile and emergency contact

All members should update their personal information on their pro- files and remember to include at least a phone number as contact in case of emergency. Also,  it is important to list your personal phone number; if you do not want your telephone number listed publicly, leave the “home phone” field empty and only provide the cell phone information.