Yippee, Another Successful Ramapo Rally!

A heartfelt thanks to Ethan Brook, Rally Chairperson, and to Barbara Augenblick, Publicity. I doubt that Ethan sat down for three days or that Barbara left her computer for a week. And a huge thanks to the team leaders, volunteers, and organizers for a job well-done, which exceeded expectations. Your efforts made it look seamless.

We all like to hear positives. Well, that’s all I have heard about the 2015 Ramapo Rally. A very satisfied participant took the time to send us an e-mail, which sums up what I have heard from so many riders.

“I rode the 100-mile route on Sunday. It was a great job by all of your people who worked the event. Really liked the course. The rest stops were top notch. The positive energy from everyone was outstanding! Will be back next year. All the hard work by staff and volunteers is very much appreciated. Thanks, Luke.”

As president, I have asked, “What is the purpose of the rally?” without receiving a clear, concise response. Diana Shikiar, who has been instrumental in developing the rally into what it is today, exhaustedly asked me as we were leaving Campgaw late Sunday evening, “Why are we doing this?” As I worked the rally for three days, trying to trail Ethan and help wherever needed, I better understand why we host the rally in the first place. David Pawlyk’s response, when I posed the question to him after he finished cycling 100 miles, was that there are many purposes, and then he proceeded to list them for me. Yes, after cycling in 93° temperature with soaking humidity, David crystalized for me the purposes of our rally. So, here they are.

  • Promote bicycling activities for the enjoyment of BTCNJ members
  • Encourage bicycling as a means of recreation and transportation
  • Showcase our northern NJ cycling routes to other cyclists
  • Promote BTCNJ
  • Raise money for the club and for charity
  • Facilitate camaraderie among club members
  • Have fun!

This year’s rally fulfilled these purposes with the help of the many volunteers. So much organizational knowledge exists in our club, spread over so many members. That’s a sign of a healthy club! As we begin to plan for the 2016 Ramapo Rally, let’s streamline wherever we can so that more BTCNJ members cycle the rally. And that’s a sure way to have more fun.