mkondoThe new year is shaping up to be another fun-filled year of bike rides and tours for BTCNJ. The club’s committees are discussing upcoming events and filling the calendar. The Executive Committee has set two main goals for 2016:
1. Increase the number of rides offered in all categories. Members join BTCNJ to cycle our rides. The more rides we offer, the better chance we have to meet their expectations and renew their membership.
2. Improve rider skills. The primary cause of most accidents has been rider skills as gleaned from two years of data. We can reduce the number of accidents by improving our skills and continuing to follow the rules of the road.

The Executive Committee and Ride Lieutenants will be brainstorming ideas to accomplish these goals over the next few weeks. Please don’t hold back in helping us by leading more rides, becoming a ride leader or co-ride leader, posting rider skills videos on BTCNJ’s Facebook page, writing an article for the Masterlink, and improving your own rider skills.

The anniversary party was a blast! Thanks to Lauren Kelly, Leslie Felsen, and Barbara Augenblick for their help. It was an elegant evening at the newly renovated Indian Trail Club with scrumptious food, a rocking DJ, splendid door prizes, and members all dressed up dancing the night away.

And finally, oh yes, the title “Mkondo” comes from a short story by Anthony Doeer in The Shell Collector. [mkondo, noun, Current, flow, rush, passage, path, e.g., of water in a river or poured on the ground; of air through a door or window, i.e., a draft; of the wake of a ship, a track, the path of a cyclist.] I was intrigued by this African Swahili word, and I hope you create countless mkondos cycling in 2016.