All About the SIG

Thursday, October 12, 2017


At some point in our lives, we were all new to cycling. We had a bike and a helmet, then joined a club and became experts at the sport of cycling.

Well, it probably didn’t happen exactly like that.

Most of us learned through trial and error and watching how others behaved and handled situations while on group rides. Not really the best way to learn how to survive on the roads and still have fun.

Maybe now you’ve gotten stronger over the season and want to try a faster ride category. But the rides are longer than you’re used to. And what’s this paceline thing they like to do? And what if the other riders are all faster than you are? Will they get annoyed and drop you?

The New York Cycle Club came up with a solution to these problems with their SIG program. “SIG” stands for Special Interest Group, and it’s a series of training rides to help all levels of cyclists learn more about their sport. Our speaker in October is Jorge Negrin of the NYCC. Jorge  joined NYCC in 2010 and took the A-SIG in 2011, he has been a B18 SIG Leader since 2012, and is currently the B18 SIG Captain. He also is the Assistant Program Director and Board Member as Webmaster. This is what Jorge has to say about the program.

“Designed for cyclists of all levels, the SIG is an immersive training series that teaches the skills required for safe group riding via 8-12 consecutive weekend training rides that increase in speed and distance. First formed in 1986 with 40 riders, the SIG has become the signature program of NYCC with thousands of cyclists having participated over the years.

The SIG is offered at A, B, and C levels. Many NYCC members have participated in sequential SIG programs (ie, riding in the C-SIG then the B-SIG the following year; the A-SIG then A-Classic) in order to build upon their skills. While NYCC members pay no fee to participate in the SIG program, we ask all SIG graduates to “pay it forward” by leading at least one NYCC club ride later in the year or by volunteering for a club activity.”

Refreshments for the October Membership Meeting will be provided by Jack and Rita Carren. Thanks, Jack and Rita!

~ ~ ~ Remember: We now start at 7:00 PM ~ ~ ~

Ridgewood Public Library

125 N Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450


Thursday, October 12, 2017—7:00 PM