You’ve been biking since your parents got you that shiny new Schwinn with the training wheels and handle bar streamers, and after all these years, there’s nothing you don’t know about riding a bike, right? Well think again, Lance!


At the May Membership Meeting, we will have Mara Miller (certified cycling and triathlon coach and 2-time national champion) to clue us in on how we can become even better cyclists. Mara can help you get from C to a B* or from a middle-of-the-pack finisher to the podium.

A lifelong athlete, Mara started racing in 2004 and immediately was a podium finisher. Her list of accomplishments is too long to list here (the Internet would slow down if I did!).

Several years ago, she started coaching a group of cyclists and has now expanded that to include marathoners,
Ironman triathletes, runners, and yes…even recreational cyclists.

It should be an interesting evening for all of us who want to improve our cycling (and really, how many of us have no room for improvement?!).

Refreshments for the May meeting are still up for grabs! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Alan Scherl as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s back to thawed Spam and Saltines!

When: Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time: 7:30 PM

Where: Ridgewood Public Library
125 N Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Call 201.670.5600 for directions.

—Alan Scherl, Vice President