Whether you are thinking of buying your first Garmin unit or thinking of upgrading to a new one, you have many questions.  Finding correct answers is not always easy.    Our virtual guest speakers at the May 14th club meeting will be Garmin’s regional sales manager, Patrick Leslie.  He is preparing an interesting presentation discussing the pro and cons of using a Garmin unit, the differences between various units, multi-purpose units, what is coming in the future, and answering questions we may have.

So that the Garmin representative can be prepared for your questions I want to compile a list of your questions.  Send me your questions by May 10th to: [email protected]

Zoom Meeting Protocols

  • Keep your microphones muted. When you come into the zoom meeting your microphone will be automatically muted.
  • To avoid confusion – All questions will be addressed at the end of the presentation.
  • If you have any questions use the Text feature.  You will find it under CHAT.  The presenter and meeting host will see the text messages and will try to answer everyone’s questions.  Either verbally or via texting.   If you do not want everyone to see your question you can select who you want to send the text message to.
  • At the end of the meeting, we probably will open the microphones.  At that time PLEASE make sure that you have your background TV, Music etc. turned off.  It is very annoying to the other participants.  If not we will mute your microphone or drop, if you persist on having an open mike with background TV/music you will be dropped from the meeting.