March 12, 2015 7:30 PM

Bicycle Hoarding or Is It Collecting?

It’s a fairly known fact that many cyclists are hoarders, er… collectors when it comes to accumulating bicycles.  We have a propensity for keeping our old bikes as they get replaced by newer versions.  And heaven forbid that we ride a bike for the purpose other than what it was designed for.  After all, how many of us have a road bike, rainy day bike, a  gravel bike, a mountain bike, a ride-to-the-market bike, and a ride-in-the-city bike?  Plus the current version and the previous models?  Quite a few I would wager!

Well this month, club member Paul Brodeck will be showing off some of the bikes he’s hoarded — whoops, I mean collected over the years.  The difference is that Paul has a long history in the bike business having worked for Trek and Fuji, and has a variety of interesting bikes including unique custom bikes from boutique manufacturers.  Paul will be showcasing some of the more interesting pieces in his 30+ bike collection.  I’m sure he has some interesting stories to share about his bikes.

Thanks to Donald Smith for providing the refreshments for the March meeting.

March 12, 2015