Peripheral Nerve Problems Affecting Cyclists

Thursday June 13th 
Ridgewood Library – 7:30pm

BTCNJ is fortunate to have many members who are willing to share their expertise with other Club members.

Our June meeting will feature a presentation by Club member Judith Lustig, MD. Judy is a retired neurologist who worked at Valley Hospital for sixteen years and thereafter worked at St. Barnabas for several years.  She currently is a volunteer instructor at Bergen Community College teaching a course in Neurology.

Judy is going to speak about peripheral nerve problems affecting cyclists. She is going to give a talk to further our understanding of the common neuropathies that affect cyclists, their pathogeneses, and what if anything can be done to minimize them.

As an added bonus we are going to take a closer look at the Club website, which we feel is one of the best of any cycling club’s site.

The BTCNJ website is an essential tool for the club. We’ve made numerous updates that should make it even more useful. At our June meeting, Keith Schlanger is going to show us some of the website’s new features and explain how the site can improve members’ cycling experience.

Note that the June meeting will start at the new start time of 7:30pm. Refreshments will be provided by Susan Holmberg and Eileen Turner.