A One-Hour Trip to the South Pacific

Need to get away from it all but don’t have the time?¬†Well, June 11th is your lucky day because Harriet Einschlag is going to whisk you away for one hour to the other side of the globe to New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.

This past February, Harriet led an intrepid group of BTCNJ’ers on a VBT trip to this southern hemisphere paradise.  Traveling from Christ Church to Queenstown, they visited glaciers, subtropical beaches, towering mountains, and rain forests.  And while biking was the main mode of travel, they also had the opportunity to kayak and hike.

Come and listen as Harriet and her fellow travelers recount their adventure in pictures and words, as you imagine yourself half a world away.  But she promised to have you back in NJ in time for the refreshments which will be served up by Greg and Gail Gelman.