2017 Ice Cream Social 


Does this really have to be explained or promoted?!

No! But for the new members…or for the old ones who have been living under a rock…here goes.

It’s going to be July, and that means it’s hot, and who wants to listen to someone give a presentation on chain lube or the benefits of rubber vs butyl tire tubes? No one, right??

So that’s why we have the Ice Cream Social. After all, who doesn’t like that frozen treat loaded up with all their favorite toppings? And even better, you get to enjoy it and hang out and socialize with all your favorite people, and maybe some not-as-favorite too.

This summer, Tina Boyer, has again agreed to step in for the vacationing Doug Chucka and Barbara Klein and serve up some delectable flavors. Plus, Tina will astound you with an amazing array of toppings for the best sundaes you can make for yourselves.

This all happens on Thursday (come on, you should know that part by now), July 13, at 7:30 pm. The place is as always, the Ridgewood Public Library, 125 N Maple Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Phone: 201.670.5600.

Oh, and get there on time because this is a popular meeting and, between the heat and our hungry members, the ice cream goes fast!

—Alan Scherl, Vice President