Bob Pytel joined BTCNJ at the end of July this year.

He saw the Ramapo Rally in the Bergen Record and thought he would give it a try. Bob started biking in June of 2016 and had never rode with anyone else and thought the Rally would be fun. He noticed in the Record article that BTCNJ sponsored the Rally; went to the website and was very impressed with the structure of the club and all of the levels and

frequent rides – so he joined the club. Bob then started receiving emails and the MasterLink. The August MasterLink indicated that the Board was still trying to fill the Vice President position – so being one who likes to get involved, he emailed Bill Telgheder that he’d be interested.

Bob has been involved in many different non-business organizations and enjoys being part of a team. He was the assistant coach of the Immaculate Heart Academy swim team from 1988 to 2002. They were undefeated and won the NJ State Championship 11 years in a row. Bob developed many databases to collect swimming statistics on the team and all of their major opponents. He was on the Hillsdale Stonybrook Swim Club citizens committee and developed the financial analysis that saved the swim club from being sold because of its debt in 1988. He was also the President of the St John the Baptist School Parent Teachers Guild (PTG) for 2 years.

In his business career of 52 years, he was always involved in technology systems and development. He wrote his first computer program for NCR Credit Union in 1966. In 1976 he developed the first online telecommunications database for GMAC. He worked for Irving Trust/BNY Mellon for 35 years. In his last position, he was Data Owner and Product Manager

of the entire Bank’s corporate billing systems. He had staffs in NYC, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Pune, India. He traveled to London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Pune, India to work with senior business managers. During his career he worked on many mission critical projects, which required multiple analytical, planning, operational and financial skills. The most critical project he was ever involved in was the reconstruction and recovery of the Bank’s corporate DDA and Billing systems after 911 – as he has said many times – no disaster recovery program was ever designed that envisioned what happed that day.

Bob looks forward to being on the BTCNJ Board. Oh by the way, he has already developed and has presenters for our March and April Membership meetings – “I like to plan ahead!”