Zoom Meeting: Thursday, December 10

7:30PM – 9:00 PM

7:10PM Zoom Opening – To select your raffle number.  See Raffle Rules.

Happy Hour and Ugly Sweater Party

Come join us to celebrate the holidays at BTCNJ’s virtual Happy Hour and Ugly Sweater Party.  Bring your own drink of choice (food optional) and wear your ugly sweater, reindeer antlers, elf hats etc.  The most outlandish outfit will win a gift certificate.   

We will also be having two raffles for gift cards.  Plus the highlight of the meeting, besides making fools of ourselves, will be the announcement/recognition for the winner and participants of the 2020 Ride Leader Jersey contest – A very good reason to bring something to drink.  We will also be announcing the Volunteer of the Month and briefly discussing our plans for this year’s Year in Review video.  Get your pictures ready and send them in ASAP as indicated in the November 19th eLetter. 

So get your drinks and ugly sweaters ready and join us for BTCNJ’s first virtual Happy Hour and Ugly Sweater Party.

Raffle Rules.  When you enter the meeting from the waiting room I will ask you to pick a number from 1 to 999 and your name.  Sorry, I may be a good engineer but I am a very bad speller so be patient with me while you are in the waiting room.  I will be opening the zoom meeting at 7:10 so that I can get everyone into the meeting by 7:30.  So please sign into the zoom meeting as early as possible and hang out in the waiting room until I get to you. 

I would have already picked two 3 digit mystery numbers.  During the meeting I will do some magic and see who came closest to the mystery numbers without going over.  Just like the old TV show “The Price Is Right”.   LOL.   Don’t worry, unlike our presidential elections there will be no sneaky tricks played, have to wait a month to find out the winners, nor will I be participating in the raffle or ugly sweater contest.

To Join the Zoom meeting:  Sign into BTCNJ.com and click on the ZOOM icon in the left side navigation panel. Then click the ZOOM link for “December Membership Meeting”.