Pedal For The Pantry

To Support Our Communities

When:  Due to the overwhelming success of this event we are extending it until December 31st. 

Join BTCNJ as we Pedal for the Pantry benefiting Center for Food Action. You’ve got seven days to ride as a group, ride on your own, ride on your trainer or just donate. And, you can donate more than once!
BTCNJ has supported the Center for Food Action in the past by bringing food to our holiday meeting for their food drive. Food insecurity still exists, so let’s show our communal support in a safe way. 
Click here to learn more about the Center for Food Action
Here’s how you can participate:

  • Lead a ride with the headline, “Pedal for the Pantry.” Your route, your choice, pick a day. Supply the link in your ride description so that your riders can make a donation. You don’t have to collect money: Simply encourage it as part of your ride. If you’re not planning a deli stop, it can be for the amount you may have spent on a deli stop. (We know that adds up.) Here’s the link: Center for Food Action 
  • Join an actual Pedal for the Pantry ride listed on the club website. Click on the link in the ride description and donate. Center for Food Action
  • Ride on your own-indoors or outdoors. Click on the link provided, and donate. Center for Food Action
  • Just donate. Click on the link provided. Center for Food Action

Then fill out the form! It’s easy – BTCNJ has its own special link for this!

While we’d like to do a full-blown in-person event, this is the safest way for us to contribute. If you have any questions, please reach out to Allison Cobb.