RWGPS/Garmin 101

The ZOOM presentation is a thing of the past. However, it was recorded. If your interested in listening to the presentation, grab your drink and popcorn and go to:

Access Password: 7V%.YV2V

  • Route Planning
  • Accessing the club routes in BTCNJ’s RWGPS account
  • Printing out of RWGPS cue sheets
  • Using your smart phone for navigating a club ride’s route
  • Downloading and installing the route files to your Garmin Unit.
  • How to use your Garmin for navigation
  • Automatic Sync Garmin Unit to your RWGPS account

If time allows and there is any interest – We will also cover:

  • How to create a route from a ride.
  • How to change the Garmin Display to suite your needs

For Zoom Meeting Information.

Sign into BTCNJ

Then Click on Zoom Icon (Left side of screen) –  Then Click on the Zoom Link

Presented by: Renie