Starting with the September new and renewing memberships, BTCNJ will be reinstating the Family/Household member level that existed before BTCNJ moved to its current web site. Long-standing BTCNJ members may recall that prior to the current web site switch several years back, there was a two-tiered pricing system in place based on the number of riders per household. When the current web site was installed, a single price system was enacted simply because the new site could not be reconfigured to accommodate a two–tiered price system. So for a number of years two or more riders in a BTCNJ household were paying the same dues as those as a single member, the standard $22 per year.

After investing to update our web site over the last two years, BTCNJ can now reinstate the Family/Household member level.  Based on our member roster, there are a number of multi-rider households with more than one rider in their household. These “multi-member” households are paying the same dues as our single member households. In effect our single members are subsidizing family/household members in terms of the dues paid per household and the insurance fees BTCNJ must pay. While BTCNJ is actually paying insurance on two or more riders in a multi-member household, it receives only single dues. In the spirit of everyone contributing their fair share, BTCNJ households that have more than one rider per household will be asked to pay the following:

For a 1-year Family/Household membership: $42.

For a 2-year Family/Household membership:  $80.

For a 3-year Family/Household membership:  $115.

You’ll note that each membership level offers a slight discount from what a full-priced membership would be for more than one single membership. You’ll also note that the price discount gradually increases with the length of the membership term. Of course, if you’re a Single member, your dues will remain at $22, but after September 1 you will no longer be able to add another member to your membership.  However you slice it, whether you’re a Single or Family/Household BTCNJ member, you’re still getting a great deal and great value for your BTCNJ dues investment.