RWGPS Navigation 101

When: Aug 11, 2022,   7:30pm – 9:00pm

Where:  Ridgewood Public Library

With all the new members that have recently joined our club it was suggested that we have an introductory tutorial on how to use your Smart Phone to navigate our routes.  Many new members, and some of our older members, are unfamiliar with RWGPS and navigating our bile routes. This introductory tutorial will cover the basics of how to use RWGPS to plot a route and your Smart Phones for navigation. If there is time we will try covering loading the RWGPS files to Garmin units.

Topics Covered are:

  • Route planning and creating a RWGPS route
  • Accessing the club routes in BTCNJ’s RWGPS account
  • Printing out of RWGPS cue sheets
  • Navigating using your smart phone

If time allows we will discuss downloading and installing route files to your Garmin device.