2016 Ride Leader Awards


It’s the first sign of spring! Robins? Tulips? The snowbirds returning from their Florida condos? Noooooo! It’s the annual awarding of the Ride Leader Jerseys!!!

April 13 is the night we honor all of the men and women who are the backbone of BTCNJ. These are the people who lead 2000 rides (that’s right, TWO THOUSAND!) in 2016, no matter if it was blazing hot, freezing cold, windy, or still and muggy. So Ride Leaders, come on out Thursday night to receive well-deserved praise. And for those of you who enjoyed going on the group rides, come out and show your support! This year’s winning jersey design was created by Lucien Cohen.

And one lucky person may be going home with 2 Ride Leader Jerseys that night. A vintage 1995 Ride Leader Jersey, in pristine condition, has been donated by former club member Judy Hinds, to be raffled off to one lucky meeting attendee.

Refreshments for the April Meeting will be provided by…Me! But I’m willing to pass the serving utensils to any willing volunteer. Please contact me if you’re interested. Otherwise, I’ll just thaw some of that Spam that’s been stored away in my freezer for the last few years. Yum!

And while I’m shamelessly asking for volunteers, our veteran scoopmeisters, Barbara and Doug, will be traveling this July and won’t be available to host the July Ice Cream Social. If you’re interested in taking the reins, the date is July 13. Contact me, Alan Scherl at [email protected] and I’ll give you the whole scoop (pun intended).

When?  Thursday, April 13, 2017 — 7:30PM (I advise getting there early; it’s going to be crowded)

Where?  Ridgewood Public Library
125 N Maple Ave.
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

 Map It, or call 201.670.5600 for directions.
Alan Scherl, Vice President