All of our Ride Leaders who accumulate 12 or more points in 2019 will have as one of their awards choices a Ride Leader Jersey that recognizes their outstanding work as volunteers for the Club.

BTCNJ would like to invite the artists, graphic designers, and art enthusiasts among its members to create the 2019 Ride Leader Jersey.

There are some minor changes to this year’s Ride Leader Jersey Contest. All members, even if you have won in the previous year, can compete. We are limiting each member to one design. In the past, if 2 designs had a vote point separation of 10% or less, we had a runoff. This year, instead of a runoff, we will offer both designs as 2019 Ride Leader Jersey.


Each member will be allowed to present one jersey design.

For the first stage of the contest, the participants will be able to present an initial sketch representing their concept for the jersey. The artwork must be original, and the images used will be accepted providing that they are not subject to any restriction in terms of intellectual property rights.

The designs can be created on any type of artwork without limitations of colors and forms; however, the participants must consider that, as a requirement from the manufacturer of the jerseys, the winner design will be rendered using illustration software tools (Adobe Illustrator or similar).

In the case of a winner design created in non-electronic media (hand drawing, color pencils, etc), the artwork may require minor changes to be compatible with the illustration software required from the manufacturer.

The design must include the labels BTCNJ Ride Leader 2019 and Great rides start with us,” without any limitations of font and size. Emphasis needs to be placed on high visibility in color selection.

The artwork will be presented and submitted on a widely available electronic format (JPEG, PDF, etc) via e-mail ([email protected]), and the deadline for submissions is at 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

By participating in the contest, the members agree to grant the ownership of the winning design to BTCNJ. For this purpose, besides the jersey artwork, each participant will fill and sign an “Assignment” form.

The winner of the contest will be awarded a Ride Leader Jersey and matching Bib or Short, also referred to as a Kit.

A committee of Board members will review the entries and evaluate the designs in terms of safety and visibility on the road. The approved designs will be published in the November edition of the BTCNJ MasterLink.


Each artwork will be labeled with a letter, and the authors of the designs will remain unidentified until the voting process finishes as a guarantee of a fair and unbiased selection.

All the Ride Leaders with at least 6 points by October 1 will be invited to choose up to 3 different designs and give them points according to their order of preference: the first selection will receive 5 points; the second, 3 points; and the third, 1 point.

As mentioned previously, in the case that the highest voted 2 designs are separated by a margin of points no higher than ten percent (10%), we will offer both designs as options for the 2019 Ride Leader Jersey.

Keith Schlanger, Rides Captain