Join NYCC in hosting the Westchester Cycle Club, Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, Rockland Bicycle Club and Sound Cyclists of Connecticut on the 2019 Multi-Club Ride.  Let’s stray from our normal routes and show these clubs a different side of NYC – the beach!

There will be A, B and C rides to City Island where we’ll meet for lunch at Johnny’s Reef. The routes features iconic urban neighborhoods, industrial splendor and stunning water views. 

We’ll start in Inwood, ride down the Harlem River Greenway, across Harlem through Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Soundview, Throgs Neck and Pelham Bay before heading out to City Island for lunch at Johnny’s Reef (cash only). 

We hope you’ll join us!

Neighborhood Notes: (Thank to Julie Blackburn for compiling.)

Inwood  – When Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Lenape Indians, historians say that the transaction took place in what is now Inwood Hill Park which contains a plaque marking the site.  

Washington Heights – Once called Frankfurt-on-the-Hudson because of dense population of German Jews who settled there after WWII.

 High Bridge – The oldest bridge in NYC and originally opened in 1848 after the opening of the Croton Aqueduct in 1842, which provided running water to NYC.  Renovated and opened to pedestrian traffic in 2015 after 45 years of neglect. 

Concrete Plant Park – Originally the site of a concrete plant from 1940s to 1987. Trash, tires, and debris were cleaned up and salt marshes restored by Bronx River Alliance and NYC Parks Dept.

Mott Haven – This section of land was originally purchased from the Lenape Indians and was the home of Jonas Bronck, Swedish sea captain that the Bronx is named after.
Hunt’s Point – Long ago a residential and vacation spot for NYC’s elite, it is now the location of one of the largest food distribution facilities in the world, covering 329 acres.  The famous Fulton Fish Market was moved from lower Manhattan to Hunt’s Point.  

Soundview Park – The spot where the Bronx River opens into the East River.  Called Gateway to the Bronx River.

SUNY Maritime College – The oldest institution of its kind in the USA.  The college’s primary training and education ship is the Empire State VI.  You may see it docked as you ride by.  Each summer the ship is activated for a 90 day training voyage by Cadets as part of their training.  The ship was also activated to help with withdrawal of US troops from Mogadishu, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy. 

Pelham Bay Park – The largest park in NYC and 3 times the size of Central Park, with a 13 miles of salt water marsh shoreline along Long Island Sound. 

City Island – Known for its wonderful seafood and the many movies and television shows that have been shot there including A Bronx Tale (in the parking lot of Johnny’s Reef, our lunch spot), City Island, The Royal Tennenbaums, and many episodes of Law and Order.  On Fordham street is the terminal for the ferry to Hart Island and Potter’s Field, operated by NYC Department of Corrections.  Public visits permitted on third Thursday of every month with advance permission. 

Baychester – A predominantly West Indian neighborhood that includes Co-op City, the largest co-operative housing project in the world with 15,372 residential units in 35 high rise buildings and 7 clusters of townhouses.

New York Botanical Garden – Also a National Historic Landmark.  This land was originally owned by the Lorillard family of Lorillard Tobacco Company, manufacturer of cigarette brands including Old Gold, Kent, True, Newport.