Ethan Brook & Barbara Augenblick are longtime BTCNJ Club members. Barbara actually met Ethan as he led her first club ride, and the rest is just history. Ethan is a Past President of the club, and Barbara is a past Board member who handled tours and publicity for many years.

Ethan & Barbara write semi-monthly articles for The Record on BTCNJ Club rides, tours, and events. This involves determining what to write about, taking action pictures, writing the article according to The Record guidelines, making sure the cue sheets are accurate, posting the cue sheets on the web, and submitting the article. These articles inform the public about our club and the Ramapo Rally, resulting in new club members and participants riding the Rally.

Each year, Ethan & Barbara lead a 2-week tour to Europe for club members. In 2016, they toured Southern Andalusia in Spain. They scope out the trip, book the airline, announce the tour, collect funds, answer hundreds of questions from participants, reserve hotels, create cue sheets, make arrangements for a sightseeing trip such as the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Ethan, for the last few years, has arranged for sponsors for the Ramapo Rally, raising funds and in-kind contributions and creating the Rally Marketplace for participants to visit after riding the Rally.

Barbara, for many years, has managed registration for the Ramapo Rally. She creates the mechanisms to sign up for the Rally, collects fees, picks up the mail, prepares registration reports, arranges for volunteers, and manages the registration process the day of the Rally.

What Barbara and Ethan say about our club: “We both are very grateful to BTCNJ. Not only because the club has given us each other, but also through the club we have made so many wonderful friends with whom we’ve travelled and shared many adventures, doing what we enjoy most — riding our bicycles. We couldn’t even begin to give back to the club everything that it has given to us.”

Thanks to both Ethan and Barbara for all they do for BTCNJ. They truly provide our club a lot of their time and talents, making BTCNJ an outstanding cycling club.

—Chuck Solomon, Special Events/Volunteer Development